Adlers Main Tile & Carpet Co. Ltd

With offices in Hamilton and Toronto, we believe that our in-house sales and installation staff can give any southern Ontario client the service and quality that their job requires.

We believe no project is too small like Mrs. Smith’s bathroom or too large like Terminal 2 in Toronto. We feel our diversity of flooring trades, commitment to quality, and our staff separate our company from all others.

Please call or e-mail us your commercial tenders or residential flooring requests.

Adlers History

In 1981, Adlers Main Tile & Carpet Co. Ltd was launched as a small flooring contractor serving locally in the Hamilton area.

Only a few years laters, we began to grow, supplying and installing vinyl, ceramic, marble, and wood flooring to both commercial and residential clients.

Currently, we have over 75 qualified installers serving southern Ontario. In addition to our national travelling installation crew of 6 that handles our accounts across the country.